Gustavo Martini , Brazil.

Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1987, Gustavo Martini just got awarded as Next Generation Designer of The Year 2017 by Wallpaper* and Officine Panerai. During his graduation, he won the Idea Brazil Award and has continued to receive increased media attention as a young upcoming Brazilian designer. His interest in arts began at a young age with drawings, paintings and construction toys that naturally became his profession.
During his very first year practicing on his own Studio, he was invited to exhibit at the Brazilian Art Fair in Miami Art Basel and later that year at the MAM design store. His greatest passion is to create, with complete freedom of expression. Martini typically spends the days exploring concepts, forms which goes on to create what he calls a “stripped experimental language for his projects.”
As he has lived the majority of his life in Rio, Martini has a strong sense of connection with the city which he believes combines two contrasting worlds. This includes the metropolis with all the chaos and grey landscape together with the sourounding rain forest and hidden beaches with waterfalls. With a strong identity, he has the ability to produce both conceptual objects or products for large scale production. Currently, Martini lives in Milan after completing a Master graduation at Istituto Marangoni.


Exibitions and Awards :

– Next Generation Designer of the Year Award by Wallpaper*
– Local Icons at MAXXI Museum (Rome)
– Laguna Art Prize (Venice)
– The Grove, solo exhibition at the Salone Satellite (Milan)
– Prisma Group at Salone Satellite (Milan)
– Satellite 20 years at Fabrica del Vapore (Milan)
– Amazon + Instituto Marangoni
– AuCap at Pallazzo Litta (Milan)
– Seminar at the Brazilian Festival (Bratislava)
– Raiz exhibition at the Brazilian Embassy (Rome)
– Seminar for the openning of the Raiz exhibition (Rome)
– Brazil S/A at Università degli Studi (Milan)
– Collezione Familiare, 5Vie (Milan)
– Casa Canvas (Milan)

– London Design Festival at Mint Gallery (London)
– Salone Satellite (Milan)
– Rio+Design at Via Tortona (Milan)
– Brazil S/A at Università degli Studi (Milan)
– Casa Canvas (Carate brianza)
– Istituto Marangoni Design Week (Milan)

– Brazil S/A at Università degli Studi (Milan)
– Semana design Rio (Rio de Janeiro)
– Art Rio (Rio de Janeiro)
– Flaminia (Milan)
– Istituto Marangoni Degree Show (Milan)

– Novo design brasileiro, Wish Casa (Sao Paulo)
– Rio+Design, Design Week (Rio de Janeiro)
– Rio+Design at Via Tortona (Milan)
– Design Weekend SP, Mac moveis (São Paulo)
– Assento no design (Niteroi)

– Casa Cor, Leo di Caprio (São Paulo)
– Casa Brasil, Salão Design (Bento Gonçalves)
– Casa Brasil, Firjan (Bento Gonçalves)
– Rio + Design, Semana de Design (Rio de Janeiro)
– Shopping Leblon, Semana de Design (Rio de Janeiro)
– Mostra Intervenções, MAM Store (Rio de Janeiro)
– Brazilian Art Fair, Miami Art Basel (Miami)

– IDEA Brasil Award
– Brazil S/A, Palazzo Giureconsulti (Milan)
– Instituto Thomie Ohtake , Design Weekend (São Paulo)
– Bienal Brasileira de Design (Curitiba)
– Casa Cor, Bar All Black (São Paulo)


– IDEA Brasil Award
– CIETEP (Curitiba)
– Conjunto Nacional (São Paulo)

– Expo Design (Rio de Janeiro)
– Semana de arquitetura e design (Rio de Janeiro)